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Where there is a HOPE,

There is a WAY.







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1. 如果你正在备战日航面试,目标日航offer,面试综合技能急需短期内迅速拔高,那么这个课程正好适合你!

2. 如果你是外航面试小白,但对日航offer兴趣很强,那么日航冲刺班会帮你拨开迷雾,定位日航核心选人标准,学会如何快很准的拿到offer!


1 .线上面试体系化学习(6h)

Part 1 日航核心价值观、日式礼仪(理论)

Part 2  日航面试流程精讲、日航选人标准分析

Part 3 日航空乘妆容、盘发教程(理论)

Part 4 日航初试介绍组员、小组环节专项

Part 5 日航复试高频问答专项

Part 6 日航终选高频问答专项

2. 线下面试实战高强度训练 ( 1 DAY)

1 DAY(6h)

9:00-10:00 日航面试妆容、发型及面试着装指导

10:00-11:00 日本文化及日式礼仪学习

11:00-12:00 面试沟通技巧、日航初试模拟与点评

14:00-15:00 日航复试环节模拟与点评

15:00-16:00  日航终面环节模拟与点评

16:00-17:00  日航面试互动答疑环节

3. 面试1V1个性化辅导(附赠)




Ruth Jiang

Greetings! My name is Ruth. I used to be a cabin attendant at Japan Airlines for over four years. I spent around 2500 hours on serving different people in the sky and learning how to get along with them. A cabin attendant is a professional not only provide routine services but also respond to emergencies to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers. Therefore, my flying career taught me how to become more beautiful, elegant, thankful, earnest and responsible, and it also affected the ways of thinking and behaving in my future life and work. I hope such experiences could help you get well prepared for the interview. See you in HOPEWAY.


1. 线上预备课程:6h(千聊-在线课堂)


2. 线下面授课程:1DAY(上海培训中心面授)




3. 面试1V1个性化辅导(附赠)




1.Motives 动机篇

why do you want to work for JAL?

why do you want to be a cabin attendant?

how long will you work for JAL?

have you ever applied other companies?


2.Knowledge about the job 工作知识篇

why do you know about cabin attendant?

what do you think are the disadvantages of this job?

what qualities do you think a good cabin attendatant should have?


3.Suitability for the job 工作适合性篇

why should we hire you?

what will JAL benefit from hiring you?

what is it about being a cabin attendant that you think you don't have now?


4.Knowledge about JAL 日航了解篇

what do you know about JAL?

what do you know about Japan?


5.Work History 工作历史篇

could you tell me something about your work experience?

why do you want to leave your previous job?

have you ever taken any part time job?

what is your cause of leaving your position?


6.Career progression 职业规划篇

if we hire you ,how long will you work with us?

what do you see yourself in 10 years?

please talk about your idea of you career.


7.Skills and Experiences 技能和经验篇

how do you think about your English skill?

do you have any certifications or speical skills?

describe a time when you resolved a conflict?


8.Personal Qualities 个性篇

how do you think about your personality?

what kind of personality you don't like?

are you a conservative person or a open-minded one?


9.Hypothetical 假设性问题篇

if there is something emergency, how will you deal with that?

what will you do if there a infant disturds other passenger?

if there is a drunk passenger ask you for more beer,what will you do?


10.Miscellaneous 杂项问题篇

what do you think about over time work?

what kind of club activity do you like?

what is your favourite course?

what is your idea of dream lady?







【成功学员】想不想拿新航日航双offer, 看看通关小仙女的面试独白!





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